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Minnesota Drivers Ed for Homeschoolers: Course Detail

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Home School Drivers Ed

Why Take My Minnesota Driver's Ed at Home?

If you are a home school student, you deserve the opportunity to get a quality drivers education without having to attend a classroom. Our MN DPS approved course allows teens to fulfill their Minnesota Learners Permit requirements by completing drivers education from home.

The Home Study Drivers Education Advantage

Taking Minnesota Driver's Education course from home is an exciting alternative to learning the rules of the road in a classroom setting. Learn all you need to know before you hit the highways for the first time without having to leave home. Enjoy the convenience of taking all course material around your busy schedule, on your terms, at your own pace.

As an added bonus you will also have access to 50 free practice permit tests to help prepare you for your knowledge exam at the Minnesota DPS!

How Homeschooled Driver's Ed in Minnesota Works

  1. Register Online and Confirm Your Eligibility
    To be qualify for the MN DPS-Approved Drivers Education Book Course, students must be at least the age of 14, be a full-time home-schooled student and a parent must have a valid driver's license. If you meet these criteria, sign up online and have a parent fill out and submit an Application for Minnesota Homeschooling Parents.
  2. Complete Payment for Your Course
    Purchase the MN Teen Drivers Ed course easily though your online account or you can mail a check or money order. Once your application form and payment are received, your course packet will be mailed via FedEx 3 day express.
  3. Work on the Course Around Your Schedule
    Read through the course booklet and take the final exam from home. Fax or mail your exam to the course provider to receive your completion certificate.
  4. Notify the MN DPS of Your Course Completion
    Once your course is completed, your parent will need to submit a Home School Driver's Education Affidavit to the MN DPS. The DPS office will then issue your proof-of-classroom-completion document. You will need this to sign up for an in-car training program before you can apply for your permit.

Teaching Minnesotan Teens to Drive Safely

TrafficSchool.com is committed to providing the tools Minnesotan teens need to be the best drivers they can be. Teaming with DriversEd.com (a leading education provider in MN) we can offer you a drivers education program that will make you a safer driver.


Please Note

Minnesota law allows students under the age of 18 to complete the classroom portion of driver education from home when the student is receiving full-time instruction in a home school. Students attending an online school or a charter school, or who are home bound, do not meet the definition of home school students and are not eligible to take this course to meet the drivers ed 30-hour classroom requirement.

MN DVS Practice Tests

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Unlimited DVS Practice Tests
Get Practice Tests

Why Online MN DVS Practice Exams: Help pass your written DVS permit test.

Learning to drive is a big deal in any Minnesota teen's life. Before you can earn a license from the MN DVS, new drivers must pass a written traffic law exam administered by the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services.

Taking any test can be nerve-racking, let alone taking a test at the DVS. Taking your MN permit test doesn't have to be a frightful experience as long as you are prepared. Taking an unlimited amount of DVS practice tests is a great way to sharpen your mind and build your confidence before the big test day at the Driver and Vehicle Services.

Advantages of Minnesota DVS Practice Tests

  • Take an unlimited number of practice tests. Our practice test generator will create a new set of test questions every time.
  • View graded exams to see how you performed and to uncover what Minnesota drivers ed topics you still need to study further.
  • Everything is online, so you can take our practice tests from anywhere you can get online.

Getting Started is Super Easy for Minnesota Teens!

  1. Register online in just minutes
  2. Gain access to Drivers Ed Direct state-of-the-art Practice Exam Generator
  3. Answer a series of randomized multiple choice exam questions designed to help you pass your state of Minnesota license exam.
  4. Grade your exam to see if you passed. Keep taking practice tests until you are confident and ready to become the next licensed driver in Minnesota!

Only Quality Drivers Ed for Our Valued Minnesota Customers

TrafficSchool.com has teamed up with Drivers Ed Direct to offer both Minnesotan teens and parents a driver's education experience worthy of our stamp of approval. Drivers Ed Direct, a nationally recognized driving school, has been featured on several national news and TV programs. Minnesotan teens love Drivers Ed Direct for their educational yet down to earth approach to driver's education. Parents rave about affordable prices and the high quality of education.

Drivers Ed Direct

Please Note

Please Note: Drivers Ed Direct's DVS Practice Tests are intended solely as a supplemental Minnesota driver's education tool to be used in conjunction with a quality MN Driver and Vehicle Services approved driver education program. Drivers Ed Direct also strongly recommends that every teen in The North Star State thoroughly read and study the Minnesota DVS Driver Handbook.



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