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I have taken two other on-line traffic school programs and this was hands down the easiest one I have done. Thanks to this website, I will not only recommend friends, I will preach about it... (read more rave reviews)
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More About Defensive Driving in Indiana

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Why Do You Take a Driver Safety Program in Indiana?

Indiana drivers have many reasons to take a driving safety course:

  • To satisfy traffic school requirements that are court ordered or BMV ordered
  • To keep violation points off your driving record
  • To earn a 4-point Safe Driver credit on your BMV driving record
  • To earn an insurance rate reduction on your auto insurance premiums

Completing an IN BMV Defensive Driving Course Online has Many Benefits

  • Save your driving record by either removing points or keeping points off of your record
  • Our defensive driving course will actually teach you new traffic safety information, as well as refresh old information you may have forgotten
  • Taking an online defensive driving course means you get to stay home and complete the course when and where you want

Here are the Different Ways Driving Safety Works in Indiana:

To Meet a BMV Requirement

  1. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will notify you by mail if a Driver Safety Program must be taken due to traffic violations.
  2. Enroll in our online defensive driving program, which is a state approved Indiana Driver Safety Program.
  3. Complete our online course within 90 days from the date on your mailed notification or your driving privileges will be suspended. Your course completion will be reported directly to the Indiana BMV.
  4. Check your driving record in about 2 weeks after you have taken our course (to allow for BMV processing). You should see the safety credit applied to your BMV driving record.

To Remove Points from Your BMV Driving Record with Court Permission

  1. Call the court that issued your citation and request to take an Indiana Defensive Driving course to remove points from your record. You may also go to the court the day listed on your citation.
  2. Sign up and take our course entirely online, and pass the simple final exam.
  3. Once you have successfully completed the course, your certificate of completion will be reported to the BMV for you. Check with your court for specific course completion requirements.
  4. Wait about 2-weeks to allow the BMV to process your completion certificate and then check your driving record. You should see a 4-point credit that will cover the points you gained from the traffic violation.

To Get a 4-Point Credit Voluntarily

  1. A credit may be applied to an Indiana Official Driver Record once every three years. Since this is an elective course, you do not need to contact the court or BMV prior to enrollment online.
  2. Once enrolled, complete our fast and fun online course.
  3. Your completion certificate will be reported automatically to the BMV on your behalf.
  4. Allow 2 weeks for the BMV to finish processing your completion papers, and then double-check your driving record. You will see the 4-point credit on your record.

To Get an Auto Insurance Discount

  1. Contact your insurance provider for insurance reduction eligibility requirements. Most agents will simply ask you to enroll in a BMV approved course. You can choose to attend a classroom course, or take it more conveniently by completing our approved course online.
  2. Finish the online Indiana Driver Safety Program and receive your certificate of completion.
  3. Present Proof of Completion to your insurance agent as proof that you took a BMV Approved course.
  4. Your insurance will be reduced per the terms of you individual insurance provider. Enjoy the savings!!

Indiana Defensive Driving with iDriveSafely.com

Our Indiana BMV approved defensive driving course is engineered by a leading traffic safety provider in Indiana: I Drive Safely (IDS). IDS has a passionate team of friendly and professional instructors, and customer support representatives ready to help you any time at the day.




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