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Get the Dade County 4 Hour traffic school courses that you need to keep your driving record nice and clean and your insurance rates from spiraling out of control. It's Hialeah Traffic School that is fully approved by the DHSMV and 100% online.

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Hialeah Traffic Tickets

The Convenient Course

Why frustrate yourself with rearranging your schedule and being bored in an office classroom for hours when you can fulfill your Hialeah traffic school requirement from home?

  • Complete the online class when and where it's convenient for you
  • Login and out as much as needed
  • Study lessons at your own desired pace
  • Use any PC or MAC with internet access
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Hialeah Traffic School

Pass the Course with Ease

As you go through the online course, you will learn all you need to know to pass the multiple-choice final examination. In order to pass our Hialeah traffic class, you only need to get 80% or better!

Hialeah Traffic School is Eligible for MOST FL Drivers Unless:

  • You carry a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) but the court doesn't allow you point dismissal privileges.
  • You received a speeding ticket for driving more than 30 mph over the speed limit in Hialeah.
  • You have already taken FL traffic school in the last 365 days
  • You have already taken 5 Florida traffic school courses in your life

Hialeah Traffic School Prices

Our Hialeah online traffic school course is very affordable, especially when you consider the money you will save in your fine being reduced and your insurance rates not rising. Enjoy our online course at our new reduced price of only $19.00, which includes your certificate of completion!

4-Hour Traffic Course (BDI)

A Basic Driver Improvement class is perfect for you if you want to avoid points, insurance increases, or possible driver license suspension. In Miami-Dade, traffic ticket fines are reducible by 18 percent when you elect to take online traffic school.

Starting Miami-Dade Traffic School Steps

  • Read the back of your Hialeah Florida traffic ticket citation carefully!
  • Make sure you sign up for Hialeah Traffic Class PRIOR TO paying your fine in court.
  • You can attend TrafficSchool in Miami-Dade county once every 12 months, up to 5 times total.
  • Keeps points off your FL DHSMV driver record if you get a speeding ticket or other lesser traffic violation.
  • Hialeah Traffic School can also lessen your court fine by 18%.
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Hialeah - Dade County Court

Our course is approved by Florida for all of Miami-Dade County, including Hialeah. Visit the Dade County Court at Sign Up Today

Why Go To TrafficSchool . com?

Even though you'll hopefully never get a speeding ticket, if you do why spend your time in a dull classroom with a boring instructor for several hours? Instead take your Miami-Dade County Court approved traffic school completely online and get your ticket dismissed easily using our user friendly web-based course that fixes your traffic citation in a timely, court approved manner.

Our Traffic School Values is dedicated to providing quality driver safety education programs that are online, easy to use, and provided at affordable prices. Our tireless pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction and a sincere commitment to educating our students has kept us the traffic school leader for over FIFTEEN years.

Hialeah Drivers Education also offers a Hialeah traffic school online course for completion of your Florida drivers ed requirements. This is a home school program that satisfies the Florida First Time Driver Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Requirement. Register today for our Florida ADAPT drivers education course today.

Traffic School

DHSMV Approved Online 4 Hour Course

Easy to Take. Easy to Pass. Money Back Guarantee.

Yes! $19.00 fulfills your Florida ticket dismissal and driver improvement needs.
100% Online,
Any Device
Guaranteed Course

No One Wants to Go to Traffic School, But You'll Love Our Hialeah Traffic School.

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