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Follow these Simple Steps to Earn Your California Driving Permit

  • to Earn Your Practice Permit in California
  • Easy Sign-up Online & Take Course from Anywhere
  • Study Course Sections & Take Online Quizzes
  • Pass Final Exam & Earn DMV Drivers Ed Certificate
  • Bring Certificate to DMV & Take Written Permit Test

TrafficSchool.com Offers the Most Convenient Driver Education Solutions

  • California Teens Choose Online with TrafficSchool.com
  • Fully CA DMV Approved Drivers Ed Courses
  • Easy Course to Navigate, Study and Pass
  • Flexible & Self-Paced: Do it Around your Schedule
  • Great Education at a Fraction of the Cost

More Info: California Online Drivers Education | Program Detail

California Teen Drivers Education Online

only $39.00
Includes DMV Certificate
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Why Drivers Education: Earn a Learner's Permit so You Can Practice Driving

Learn to Drive! Get on the road with a CADMV Approved Driver Ed course that is completely online. Earn the DMV driver education certificate needed to obtain a learner's permit when you complete this highly effective and convenient course. It's the first step towards learning to drive.

Online California Drivers Ed Benefits

  • Low cost alternative to expensive and outdated in-classroom programs.
  • Convenient and flexible: perfect for busy teens who are juggling homework, sports, and other after school activities.
  • Highly educational course that teens complete at their own pace. Studies show that online courses prepare students better for learning & retaining the rules of the road.
  • Unlimited free DMV practice permit tests are included with this course

How to Earn a Learner's Permit in California

  1. Sign up online for our state approved course around the age of 15 years old (teens in CA can earn a permit at age 15½).
  2. Read updated material, do interactive lessons, and take knowledge-reinforcing quizzes along the way.
  3. Pass a final exam at the end of the course to earn your DMV Drivers Education Certificate. You can take the final exam as many times as needed for free.
  4. Bring your certificate of completion to your local California DMV and take the written permit test. Pass and you go home with your learner's permit!

A Highly Rated Drivers Ed Program for California

TrafficSchool.com has teamed up with Drivers Ed Direct to provide both teens and parents with a driving school experience worthy of our stamp of approval. Drivers Ed Direct, a nationally recognized driving school, has been featured on several national news and television programs. Teens love Drivers Ed Direct for their educational yet down to earth teaching approach. Parents rave about the care, concern, and quality education provided.

Drivers Ed Direct

CA DMV Practice Tests

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Unlimited DMV Practice Tests
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Why Online CA DMV Practice Exams: Help pass your written DMV permit test.

Learning to drive is a big deal in any California teen's life. Before you can earn a license from the CA DMV, new drivers must pass a written traffic law exam administered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Taking any test can be nerve-racking, let alone taking a test at the DMV. Taking your CA permit test doesn't have to be a frightful experience as long as you are prepared. Taking an unlimited amount of DMV practice tests is a great way to sharpen your mind and build your confidence before the big test day at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Advantages of California DMV Practice Tests

  • Take an unlimited number of practice tests. Our practice test generator will create a new set of test questions every time.
  • View graded exams to see how you performed and to uncover what California drivers ed topics you still need to study further.
  • Everything is online, so you can take our practice tests from anywhere you can get online.

Getting Started is Super Easy for California Teens!

  1. Register online in just minutes
  2. Gain access to Drivers Ed Direct state-of-the-art Practice Exam Generator
  3. Answer a series of randomized multiple choice exam questions designed to help you pass your state of California license exam.
  4. Grade your exam to see if you passed. Keep taking practice tests until you are confident and ready to become the next licensed driver in California!

Only Quality Drivers Ed for Our Valued California Customers

TrafficSchool.com has teamed up with Drivers Ed Direct to offer both Californian teens and parents a driver's education experience worthy of our stamp of approval. Drivers Ed Direct, a nationally recognized driving school, has been featured on several national news and TV programs. Californian teens love Drivers Ed Direct for their educational yet down to earth approach to driver's education. Parents rave about affordable prices and the high quality of education.

Drivers Ed Direct

Please Note

Please Note: Drivers Ed Direct's DMV Practice Tests are intended solely as a supplemental California driver's education tool to be used in conjunction with a quality CA Department of Motor Vehicles approved driver education program. Drivers Ed Direct also strongly recommends that every teen in The Golden State thoroughly read and study the California DMV Driver Handbook.



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