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Corporate Driver Training for All 50 States

Your corporation has locations all over the United States. Training them at one facility can be difficult on everyone's schedule as well as a huge strain on the company's funds.'s Corporate Driver Training Course can help you save money and have your drivers complete safety training without having to be at the same place at the same time. Whether they live in Alabama, Montana or Illinois,'s program is available all day/all night on the World Wide Web. If you have concerns about who or who did not complete the course, don't worry. We can set up a company portal. This will enable you to see who registered, who's working on the course, who completed the course and who passed. Just ask one of our representatives for more details.

Corporate Driving Safety Instruction in the United States of America

Corporate Driving Safety Instruction in the United States of America will introduce your employees to subjects that they may never thought was related to driving. Whether your drivers are located in a specific state or drive long distances from one state to the next, the online course can help your drivers have a better understanding of what to expect and how to overcome or avoid certain situations. The course studies include (but are not limited to) Defensive Driving and Collision Avoidance, Driver Attitude & The Common Sense of Driving as well as Licensing Measure & Financial Responsibility.

Corporate Fleet Driving Safety Education in the U.S.A. by

Corporate Fleet Driving Safety

Looking for a corporate fleet safety course that educates your employees who drive across the U.S.A.?'s Corporate Fleet Driving Safety Education can fill those shoes. No matter where your employees drive, no matter what schedule they have, our course is available whenever and wherever they are. With access to the internet and a computer or laptop, your employees will be educated on several subjects by reading, studying flash lessons, completing short quizzes and a final exam. As soon as the final exam is complete, they can print out a certificate immediately. If you prefer to follow their progress from beginning to end, a customized corporate portal can be arranged.

Corporate Fleet Driving Knowledge in the States

With rules of the road constantly changing,'s Corporate Fleet Driving Knowledge Course stays on top of all current driving rules nationwide. In addition to encouraging safe driving, the Corporate Fleet Driving Knowledge Course will decrease the chances of your employees getting into accidents and accumulating traffic tickets. Your company may also qualify for lower insurance rates when all of your employees complete the course. Contact your insurance carrier to see if this benefit is covered.

Corporate Fleet Driving Course for the Islands and the Mainland

Corporate Fleet Driving Safety Course

You have offices all over the United States, but wonder if there's a way you can have all of your drivers participate in a safe driving course without having to transport all of them to one location. Yes you can! Corporate Fleet Driving Course is available everywhere in the United States. Since you have drivers in different time zones from Hawaii to Maine, your drivers can complete the course on their own time. Corporate Fleet Driving Course can fit into any time zone. The program is web-based which means test scores and certificates of completion are available as soon as the driver passes. So, it doesn't matter which time zone you're in, you'll receive emails (or mailed copies) of the certificates of completion.

Need Another Chance Corporate Fleet Driving Course

Your drivers are great on the road. Clean driving records. No tickets. They understand how the road works, but when it comes to in office training, test taking and studying skills, they may not be the best. They just need that extra assistance and that's what we're here for. With Need Another Chance Corporate Fleet Driving Course, we offer open book testing and we'll let your employees take the final exam over and over and over again and you won't have to pay any additional fees. In addition, we offer live customer service assistance Monday thru Friday, from 9:00am to 6:00pm PST.



Classroom traffic school is time consuming. Online traffic school is convenient.

Traffic School for Traffic Citations

Traffic school can be time consuming and inconvenient to your everyday, normal life. However, you must remove the points from your record so you can keep your driving privilege. can help you clear your record with their court approved online course. All you need to do is go to, register and begin. The program has a very flexible time frame, so feel free to work on it whenever you have a moment. Just be sure to complete the course in time to have your certificate delivered on time (Email, first class mail or fax - depending on the county you received your ticket).

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Need to Brush Up Your Behind-the-Wheel Skills?

Drivers Ed Direct, a partner of, offers driving courses for adults of all ages. Whether you are a young adult who wants to improve your driving skills or a senior citizen who wants to review the rules of the road, Drivers Ed Direct can help you. Our patient staff and knowledgeable instructors are ready to help you conquer any complicated challenges on the road and if you are particular about which instructor you would like to have, no problem. Feel free to visit our website and review the biographies of our instructors.

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