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Traffic School for Gainesville Drivers

4 Hour Class Description: has designed a web-based course, fully approved by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for Alachua County Florida drivers who need to fulfill their ticket dismissal and basic driver improvement requirements. No hidden fees! Includes course, certificate, as well as standard shipping and handling.

Keep The Cost of Your Insurance Down!

Erase your Changing Lanes Unsafely points from your record with our online program. Keeping the points off of your driving record can significantly affect the amount of money you spend on car insurance. Let help you save big when you complete our Cheapest course. Not only will you see a change on your Alachua County DHSMV record, but you'll feel the change in your wallet!

A Program of Many Facets

The greatest benefit of all is the knowledge Gainesville drivers such as yourself will receive from completing this Cheapest course. Not only will you end up with a much better driving record, but your defensive driving skills will have improved as well, in addition to lower premium rates, all the while satisfying court and DHSMV requirements. Truly the best traffic school in all of Alachua County, Florida.

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Alachua County Basic Driver Improvement Course

Under the Florida court system and Alachua County Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, Gainesville drivers who have accrued traffic tickets may be required to take a BDI or TCAC course. With our Cheapest program, these courses will satisfy the requirements mandated by the court and DHSMV and can be taken once a year, up to five times.

State Approved Traffic School for Alachua County Drivers

Traffic School in Your Home?

Need to clear your Changing Lanes Unsafely ticket, but aren't sure between a classroom or an online course? Don't waste your gas driving to traffic school ever again! Our Cheapest program allows Alachua County motorists the ability to complete traffic school within the comfort of your Gainesville home, on your own time and completely at your own pace. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

The Proof Is In Your Certificate

Once you successfully complete your traffic school course, we will process; and then automatically issue your DHSMV Approved Certificate to the address on file free of charge. Additional delivery services are available upon your request.

Get Started Improving Your Driving Record
Cheapest Defensive Driver Program

Are you a Florida resident applying for your driver's license for the very first time? Well, what better way to prepare yourself then with the best driver's education course in all of Alachua County, Florida. Gainesville residents are flocking to our first time driver's education course offered exclusively to residents in your area. Our course provides all the necessary requirements mandated by the Alachua County DHSMV in order to proceed with your license application. Simply take our DATA (Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness) course, which is completed entirely online, and will prepare you for the written Learner's Permit Exam, which we offer as well. Gain vital knowledge on the effects drug and alcohol can have on your driving, learn defensive driving techniques, in addition to road rules, laws and regulations that all drivers need to be aware of. Completion of the course will satisfy all Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education and written permit exam requirements. Register Today! has designed a unique Cheapest course for the seasoned driver looking to brush up on your defensive driving skills, while saving on your car insurance in the process. Upon successful completion of our 6-hour course, which is fully approved by the Alachua County Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, senior citizens, such as yourself will have the opportunity to save big on their car insurance for the next 3 years!

Got questions? Let help you answer them. Your first stop for all the latest DMV news and most up to date driving education resources in all of Alachua County. Gain access to various downloadable DMV forms, traffic school locations, insurance quotes and more.

Traffic School Reviews

We consistently strive to offer our traffic school customers the best possible online learning experience - this includes providing live & friendly customer service, easy to use courses, educational content, fast processing, and affordable pricing. But don't take our word for it, here are some real, verified reviews that our past customers have left about!