Westchester Court Defensive Driving

Westchester Defensive Driving

The Westchester PIRP

    When you register for a state approved defensive driving class in Westchester (White Plains and Yonkers), you:

  • Earn a 10% reduction on your vehicles insurance premiums (auto and/or motorcycle)
  • Reduce up to 4 points off of your NYDMV driving record in Westchester.
  • Reinforce your knowledge of driving regulations and add to your defensive driving skill set.

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What is an Online Point and Insurance Reduction Program?

An online Point and Insurance Reduction Program, more commonly referred to as a PIRP, is a program designed to allow your to meet your state defensive driving requirements entirely online. When you finish our Westchester DMV approved PIRP you receive 10% off of your auto insurance premium (liability, no fault and collision). Another advantage of our Westchester PIRP: reduce 4-points from your Westchester DMV driving record if you received a traffic ticket in White plains, Yonkers, or anywhere in Westchester!

Westchester PIRP - Defensive Driving Online

What is Defensive Driving in Westchester?

In Westchester, defensive driving is a method NY drivers can utilize to minimize the number of road risks they take. Driving defensively in Westchester requires more than just using basic driver's training skills. Defensive drivers practice more advanced driving methods that help them keep a step ahead of potential collisions. When you are a defensive driver in Yonkers or White Plains, you choose to make safer and smarter driving decisions, and not to take unnecessary driving risks that may harm yourself our other Westchester commuters.

How to Defensive Drive in Westchester

    Driving defensively in Westchester is an obtainable goal if you are willing to correct old bad driving habits. Besides taking an Westchester Defensive Driving class online, these defensive driving must-haves can help you safely navigate New York streets and highways:

  • Leave your cell phone and other distractions alone while driving
  • Predict the actions other drivers around your vehicle
  • Watch your speed and drive slower in rain, snow, work zones, and congested traffic
  • Keep safe space cushions between you and other drivers (maintain at least a 3-4 second following distance)
  • Always wear your seat belt
  • Choose to drive only when you are alert and drug/alcohol free

Westchester Defensive Driving Classes

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