March 2007:

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News: Federal Safety Executive Calls for Ban on Cell Phones

Driver Safety: Cell Phones – Blessing or Curse?  


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The Center For Auto Safety (CAS) has begun petitioning the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to completely ban cell phone use while driving.  Handheld, hands-free, Bluetooth, Onstar, it doesn’t matter.  The Executive Director of the CAS is calling for the complete elimination of all types of communication while a vehicle is in motion.  Read the full article here.



Driver Safety


This news certainly strikes a chord within the fleet safety community, as several organizations rely on cellular technology to keep their mobile operations running smoothly.  Remember, hands-free doesn’t mean worry free.  Numerous studies have shown that the there is no significant reduction of risk by using hands-free phones, and the conversation was the primary distraction that increased the chance of an accident.  Especially in the wake of numerous accidents involving cell phones resulting in litigation, this begs the question…are cell phones good or bad for your fleet?


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Did you know that a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that using a cell phone while driving increased a drivers risk of involvement in an accident by four times!!  That‘s roughly equivalent to the impairment caused by legal intoxication!!! 



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